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Members meet every other month on the 3rd Friday

Celebrating 18 Years of Reading January 2023

Welcome Home


The first book club I founded in Connecticut created life long friends. I felt it was a great way for women to get together, fellowship and have fun.  I decided to form a book club in Warner Robins because I am a firm believer that women need women girl friends as constant companions throughout life. The Fine Print Book Club is creating a new set of life long friends.


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We Love Books!


10 reasons why you should join:




1.) It's FREE!




2.) Meet new people




3.) Read a good book!




4.) Lively discussions and good debates




5.) Read outside the box




6.) A reason to turn off the TV




7.) Take a break and get out of the house




8.) Expand your communication skills




9.) Learn something new




10.) Learn to read critically









Six reasons why book clubs should be mandatory:


1. It encourages you to read when life is getting in the way. We all know at the beginning of the month that we have seven weeks to read a book, which is a long time! It’s empowering and makes you feel like you're not wasting all your free time watching TV.


2. Having an enjoyable book to read and having a deadline to read it by makes you want to turn off the TV and read. Not only are you making yourself cleverer, but you’re also saving electricity! Book club saves money and the planet.


3. You meet people you probably would never have spoken to, who are fantastic and interesting people.  At one point each member was a stranger to the group and because of this they know how it feels to be a stranger.


4. You read books that you may never have read or get around to reading. You may read some complete garbage, but you will also read some great books which you may never have even considered reading before.


5. It’s a break from everyday life. Reading a book is completely distraction-free. You can immerse yourself in the writing. You can’t do anything else while you read. Therefore you can be completely transported into another world.  Book club is about books.


6. You can speak honestly and no one will be offended. You can trash a book and no one at the table cares. They may even feel the same way or they may try to change your mind. 


It's a good excuse to get together with friends some you hardly get to see.


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